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In line with global best practice in fashion institution, Needlekraft Fashion School (NFS) students will be required to comply fully with the institutions codes of conduct as detailed below.
Please not that non compliance might lead to the severance on the students relationship with the academy.


Academic Integrity

NFS prepares students for professional excellence in design,fashion and business by providing a premier educational experience that fosters creativity,career focus,and a global perspective.Students who plagiarize,falsify,or cheat fail to master the knowledge and skills that they need for careers in design,fashion and business.Such conduct will subject students to serious penalties.

Plagiarism is presenting someones Else’s ideas or work as your own.Students using someone’s Else’s work,idea,intellectual or artistic property must identify and acknowledged the source within their art work.Examples of plagiarism include but are not limited to submitting as one’s own.

Papers,works of art,or written or design material created in whole or in part by someone’s else;
Written or design ,material that has been taken or copied from a website or bought;
Sentences,phrases.key words,or ideas used without acknowledgement
Someone Else’s ideas or work paraphrased without acknowledgment.


Its is cheating to copy and submit the work of someone else or to use a textbook,note or other unauthorized source during an exam without prior permission from the instructor.Examples of cheating include but not limited to.

Using notes without permission
Using a copy of an exam obtained by any means prior to the exam
Obtaining information during an exam through any electronic device without permission


Falsifying is misstating information-such as a source,numerical data,dates,or entries in logs or journal-and representing it as accurate.
Examples of falsification include but not limited to:

Changing answers on as already graded exam and resubmitting it with a request for a change of grade
Having another person take an exam or sign in for a student as a required meeting,class,or other course activity


Collusion occurs when one student knowingly helps another student cheat, plagiarize or falsify

Students who are found to have engaged in acts of plagiarism,cheating,falsification or collusion are subject to penalties for breach of academic integrity.

If an instructor believes that a student has committed a breach of academic integrity,the instructor will inform the student and the department chair.The instructor will discuss the conduct with the student,determine a penalty applicable to the particular course(s) involved-which is a failing grade on the project or exam,or a failing grade in the course-and inform both the student and the academy director of the penalty.

The academy director may refer the matter to the board for further penalty considerations which may include,but are not limited to,dismissal from the program.or suspension or expulsion from the academy..If the instructor is unable to contact the student because the student is absent from his or her usual residence due to as emergency,a holiday break,or break,the instructor will assign a grade of incomplete and will address the matter with the student when he or she returns.If the instructor is away from NFS when the student returns,the academy director will act in the instructor’s place.

Distribution Or Sale Of Course Materials

Students may not sell or distribute course lectures notes,handout,readers,or any other information provided by an instructor,or use any of them for a commercial purpose,without the express written permission of the academy.

Class Attendance Policy

Students are to attend classes in line with their individual time table and course outline as communicated during registration process.No student should sit and attend any class other that the one he or she is meant to attend unless with the permission of the academy director.

Student Conduct

Every student shall conduct himself/herself in a manner consistent with the NFS values. Every student shall comply with the directions of the tutors and staff members who are acting in there performance of their duties.In particular,students shall comply with the following:

Conducts that threatens or endangers health or safety
Physical abuse of any person
Threatening or intimidating a person,either verbally,in writing,or through electronic or other means.
Theft or damage to personal property;theft or damage to academy property and buildings.
Unauthorized in improper use of,or entry into,academy facilities.
Obstruction or disruption of academy facilities.
Disruptive behavior in the classroom or an academy property.

Electronic Devices

Cellular phones,digital cameras,iPad,video cameras,pagers and other electronic device shall not be used without authorization or in a manner that causes disruption in the classroom.This includes abuse of cellular devices with the photographic capability.Utilizing these devices for the purposes of photographing test questions,classwork,or projects,or for other forms of academic misconduct or illegal activity is prohibited,as is photographing individuals in secured areas such as restrooms or locker rooms.Taking photographs of any individuals against their will is strictly prohibited.

Food And Beverages

Drinking and eating are permitted in designated areas only and are prohibited in class rooms.
Side talks and gossip
Students are not to engage in the side talks that can distract other students or engage in gossips that will not add value to the educational aspirations of fellow students.However,NFS will welcome any genuine and positive feedback that will promote the mission and vision of the institution and in turn the students’ aspiration.

ID Card Policy/Unauthorized Persons On Campus

Students must present a valid NFS ID card to enter academy premises.A person is guilty of loitering and trespassing when her or she remains in or about a building without written permission to do so or with no legitimate reason for being there.


Lying,dishonesty,or materially misrepresenting information to any academy official,board member,is strictly prohibited.

Willful damage to academy property

Any student who willful damages any item belonging to the academy or member will be required to replace the damaged item.

Disciplinary Sanctions


A verbal warning that a student’s conduct in improper or violates the academy rules or regulations coupled with a direction to cease and desist.

A formal written notice that the student has engaged in improper conduct and warning that subsequent violations may result in more severe disciplinary actions.


Reimbursement by transfer of property,money,or services to the academy or member in an amount not in excess of the damages or loss incurred.

Educational Sanctions

Community service or required participation in a project or activity, either within or outside the college,during a period and in a manner consistent with the nature and severity of the violation(s) as determined by the authorized college officer.

Restriction or revocation of privileges.
Alteration,limitation,or revocation or certain privileges associated with membership or participation in the academy for a specified or indefinite period of time.

Examples of such privileges include,but are not limited to:
Entering college property or facility
Use of or participation in programs,activities,events,etc.

A suspended student will be temporarily deprived of all rights and privileges normally accorded an enrolled student.

The most severe form or disciplinary action,An expelled student may not return to the academy.The student is permanently separated and losses all right and privileges associated with the membership of the academy.

We trust that you will extend your utmost cooperation and compliance as we work together in building a model fashion institution together.